800Pcs -DSPIC33FJ16MC304-I/PT MICROCHIP MCU 16-bit dSPIC33 dsPIC 16KB

PIC18F46K22-I/PT -640PCS LOT

640 PCS LOT- PIC18F46K22-I/PT Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 64MHz

DSPIC30F4011-30I/P -240 PCS LOT

240 Pcs LOT DSPIC30F4011-30I/P MCU-DSP 16BIT 30MIPS 48K

PIC12F510-I/P - 3600 PCS LOT

3600PCs Lot PIC12F510-I/P Microchip 8-bit PIC RISC 1.5KB

DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP -750 PCS LOT

750PCs Lot DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP Microchip Digital Signal Processor Ic 2

PIC12F508-I/P -1000 pcs lot

1000PCs Lot PIC12F508-I/P Microchip 8-bit PIC RISC 768B

TC9401CPD -100 PCS LOT

100 Pcs Lot TC9401CPD Motorola IC F/V &

PIC16F913-I/SS -41 PCS LOT

41 PCS LOT - PIC16F913-I/SS Microcontroller MCU, 8


250PCS LOT ATMEGA8A-AUR Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 16MHz 8KB

PIC18F25K80-I/S -67 PCS LOT

67 PCS LOT PIC18F25K80-I/SP PIC series Microcontroller IC

PIC16F676-I/P -100 PCS LOT

100 Pcs PIC16F676-I/P Microchip 8-Bit Microcontroller IC 20MHz

PIC18F46K22-I/PT - 640 PCS LOT

640PCS LOT- PIC18F46K22-I/PT Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 64MHz 64KB
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